AL-Qasemi Academy - Academic College of Education

Al – Qasemi College vision is to create an academic environment that facilitates and foster both, the high quality of intellectual achievements, and a culture of dialogue between religions, cultures, and traditions.

On the academic and educational spheres, one of the College’s goals is to develop the human resource capabilities in the Arab community by training high – qualified teachers, who will deal with the complicated challenges that societies face!
The college sees within the teachers’ training process and their professional development the mechanism that will enhance the educational system; causing by its turn important changes within additional social domains.

Al – Qasemi is actively working to create a new model for higher education, in addition to other achievements alike, throughout the following activities:

  1. Partnerships with other academic institutions within Israel and outside the country.
  2. Professional conferences and study days.
  3. Research corporation of the diverse faculties within the college and abroad.

Al – Qasemi College, the first Arab Academy for Higher Education in Israel, is a source of pride for the Arab minority in the country.


Faculty of Graduate Studies

The faculty of graduate studies is committed to academic excellence and integrity. The faculty offers different programs which connect research, and comprehensive knowledge with real-world practice.

- Teaching and Learning Program
- Mathematics Education
- Islamic Studies
- Inclusive Education for Children and Youth at Risk
- M. Teach Program
- Department of Management and Organization of Educational Systems
Teaching and Learning Certificates

The Teaching and Learning Certificates Unit was established at Al-Qasemi Academy to provide an opportunity for anyone wishing to advance in their field or in other areas, allowing them to excel in their education and make a positive impact in the Arab society and beyond.
The Teaching and Learning Certificates Unit opens the door for passionate individuals to advance in various fields in their lives, developing themselves and their personalities by joining the desired educational path.
The aim of the Teaching and Learning Certificates Unit is to qualify a competent teaching staff to take on the responsibility of educating future generations. Graduates receive a recognized teaching certificate in various specialties

Qualification Certificates

The Qualification Certificates Unit believes that professional and academic qualification is the essence of true development in various fields of work, with a positive impact on the Arab society in particular. Therefore, it strives hard to provide the latest and most relevant professional qualifications and courses, delivered by the best specialized instructors in the field, within an engaging academic atmosphere.

Preparatory Year Program

The Preparatory Year Program at Al-Qasemi Academy is a recognized academic program by the Higher Education Council and is funded by the Ministry of Education.
The preparatory program is considered a golden opportunity for students who have not been fortunate enough to obtain the full Bagrut certificate or those who did not achieve the required Bagrut average for admission to the academy. The GPA obtained at the end of the preparatory program serves as a substitute for their previous Bagrut average. Generally, a high percentage of preparatory program students achieve GPAs that qualify them for admission to various academic subjects. Therefore, this program is the first step towards achieving the academic dream for this group of students.

News & Events

January 29, 2024

Al Qasemi Academic College celebrates the graduation of a group of MA students in a Special ceremony

On Thursday, June 15, 2023, Al-Qasemi Academic College celebrated the graduation of more than two hundred of its M.Ed. graduates in a significant ceremony attended by […]

Major Services & Facilities

Al-Qasemi Library

The library provides academic and advisory services to academic institutions, public libraries, researchers, students, as well as the general public. The library contains thousands of entries and references in Arabic, Hebrew and English. In addition to thousands of books, journals, and articles including electronic materials in different fields.

Dean of Students

The Dean’s office of student serves over 3000 students; its mission is to care for the academic needs and well-being of the students for the duration of their studies and thereafter. In addition to economic and social support that aims to enhance the student’s experience through participation in academic and extracurricular activities.

Resource Center for Instruction and Learning

The center, which includes various disciplinary learning centers, aims at providing students and teachers with teaching aids, methods, advanced technologies and learning materials of different types such as written and audiovisual relevant to their fields of study.

Scientific Research Center

The main emphasis of the Center is to foster high-level research in Biology and Chemistry. A highly interdisciplinary scientific investigation at the center is based on intensive collaboration between biologists, chemists, and computer scientists.